CADscape Services is a digital illustration and 3D modelling service for garden designers.

The fundamental objective of CADscape Services is to bring a tangible sense of 3D reality to 2D plan drawings and to create visually striking presentations to allow you, the designer, effectively and consistently to secure clients for your design projects.

While 2D drawings have a tendency to look rather clinical and they can lack depth, full colour 3D digital designs are instantly more accessible to the client, with virtually no explanation or assistance with interpretation required. I work in close collaboration with you, so as to achieve precisely the look, mood and atmosphere that you’re aiming to communicate to your clients through your 2D designs.

3D computer modelling is a technical and time-consuming process requiring a very particular skill set. Delegating this task by engaging CADscape Services allows you to create a preliminary design concept based on detailed client instructions, which can then be transformed into a visually appealing 3D digital illustration ready to present to your client with confidence. 

Professional Background

Brought up in a family of architects, it took many years for me to part with my much loved Rotring pens and tracing paper, convinced that nothing could surpass a carefully hand-rendered drawing to demonstrate to a client the care and craft that would be brought to their garden. However, I was ultimately won over to computer modelling by some first-class training, provided by the highly regarded Paul Hensey of the Society of Garden Designers.

I believe that I provide a 3D service in every sense. I have over a decade of experience in designing and building gardens and extensive horticultural knowledge, as well as a considerable practical understanding of garden construction, landscaping and planting.

Given my hands-on professional experience, I am well placed to advise on all elements of garden design and can also offer practical construction advice, identifying inevitable anomalies or design glitches, and finding solutions, prior to presenting the completed design to the client.

As a highly experienced garden designer, I also have extensive working knowledge of project and team management from design concept through to the completed, planted garden.